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Agustus 2022 Tokopedia Buka Dua Lowongan Kerja, Ini Syarat dan Posisinya

- Jumat, 5 Agustus 2022 | 13:30 WIB
Agustus 2022 Tokopedia Buka Dua Lowongan Kerja, Ini Syarat dan Posisinya (Tokopedia.com)
Agustus 2022 Tokopedia Buka Dua Lowongan Kerja, Ini Syarat dan Posisinya (Tokopedia.com)

MEDIAKEPRI - PT Tokopedia (Tokopedia) membuka dua lowongan kerja (loker) Agustus 2022 untuk posis Recruitment Intern dan People Development Intern.

Tokopedia adalah perusahaan teknologi Indonesia dengan misi mencapai pemerataan ekonomi secara digital.

Sejak didirikan di 2009, Tokopedia telah menjadi pelopor dalam transformasi digital di dalam negeri.

Adapun deskripsi dan persyaratan dari lowongan kerja (loker) di PT Tokopedia (Tokopedia) Agustus 2022 adalah sebagai berikut:

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1. Recruitment Intern

Job Descriptions :

  • Assist in the recruitment process at Tokopedia.
  • Search for candidates both in internal and external sources or databases.
  • Screen CVs based on the role profile.
  • Manage preliminary interview (both by phone or face-to-face interview) and deliver the result clearly and objectively to the user.
  • Help arrange a candidate’s interview schedule with the user or hiring manager.
  • Respond to incoming e-mail inquiries.
  • Data entry and general administrative tasks.
  • Attend several events to help explain about Tokopedia’s recruitment process, career path, and culture to attendees.

Minimum Qualifications :

  • Final year student or fresh graduate from reputable university majoring in Psychology,
  • Business Administration, Human Resource Management, or other related majors
  • Have a good knowledge of Human Resources Area
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to multitask and result-oriented
  • Possess good analytical thinking, dynamic, creative, tough, and fast-learner.
  • Having experience as an interviewer is preferred
  • Able to work every Monday to Friday for 9 working hour

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Editor: Ragil Hadiwibowo


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